The future of International Online B2B Marketing.

The future of International Online B2B Marketing

Do you operate in the international business-to-business market? Then your business has probably experienced radical change in the last 5 years. As a result of the growing impact of internet, 70% of the B2B customer journey is now online and anonymous. Five years ago, it was only 30%.

In this whitepaper you will discover how 4 major trends in online B2B marketing affect your business. The second part shows marketing managers like you how to use inbound marketing techniques to recover your grasp on leads and customers during their buyer journey.
We see traditional sales organisations losing their grasp on this market. Furthermore, there is a new generation of buyers with a strong online focus, who ‘play the game’ differently.
Companies that don’t develop an appropriate online marketing strategy on time will lose from smart start-ups and competitors who do change course on time. Naturally, that’s something you want to prevent.

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This 20-page whitepaper explains how international marketing managers can take back control of customer contact throughout the total buyer journey. Companies that succeed in this field work on the lines of a new marketing strategy: Inbound Marketing.

Inbound Marketing makes marketing fast and exciting again

Inbound Marketing is a powerful pull marketing strategy.
The objective is to tie potential customers to your brand/product early in their journey. That takes a lot of work: Defining buyer personas, developing a content marketing strategy, setting up the marketing automation process, continuously generating online leads, and collecting & analysing marketing data. First things first: before you can start, you need to set up a new marketing & sales organisation with a strong online focus.

Be aware that data analysis and interpretation are the drivers that will allow your business to grow. Data-driving marketing is the future – and that applies to B2B too!

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