Basic-Fit increases brand interest by using YouTube video ads in all phases

Basic-Fit increases brand interest by using YouTube video ads in all phases.


Maxlead helped Basic-Fit set up a large-scale YouTube advertising campaign and run metrics on the campaign using a Brandlift Study.


The strategy for the entire Basic-Fit campaign is based on the Touch, Tell, and Sell model, where the right mix is created for each individual phase. The YouTube campaign focused on a specific target group of both men and women between the ages of 18 and 34. In the current media landscape, TV is giving way to online, and the YouTube platform is playing an increasingly important role in reaching this target group. The Touch, Tell, and Sell model enabled us to tailor the communication with the landing pages to the phase the consumer is in. We used advanced target groups provided by Google, which helped us create better segments and target them even more specifically. We used Display & Video 360 for the campaign design. Target groups were shown different types of videos with different lengths in each stage of the Touch, Tell, Sell model.

Consumers who were not completely familiar with the Basic-Fit range were targeted with ‘Custom Affinity’ and ‘In-Market’ target groups in the Touch phase. These target groups were created around relevant affinities (fitness, healthy eating, exercise fans) and actual interest in related fitness products and services. In the Tell phase, consumers focused on all kinds of fitness options, sometimes already focused on Basic-Fit. In this phase, the focus is on ‘Similar Users’, ‘Custom Intent’ and ‘Viewed video as ad’ target groups. These are target groups that are similar to previous groups, have searched on Basic-Fit keywords, and have seen the YouTube video before. To give consumers that extra push, we did remarketing in the Sell phase with consumers who had already had certain interactions on the Basic-Fit website.

85% of people who use Search also use YouTube.


The results of the YouTube campaign exceeded both expectations and the pre-set targets. In total, more than 2.4 million impressions were generated, resulting in 853,194 views63% higher than the initial target. View Through Rates (VTR) were also increased by 29%. This was mainly due to the ‘Custom Affinity’ and ‘Customer Intent’ target groups that made the campaign more relevant.

Thanks to the YouTube campaign, brand keywords saw a 20.8% brand lift in Google Search, a direct effect of the campaign. Indirectly, more organic search results will eventually result in more website visits and conversions.

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