Vacansoleil: maximum YouTube engagement

Vacansoleil: maximum YouTube engagement.


Maxlead optimised the engagement on Vacansoleil's German YouTube channel.

The process

First, the YouTube channel was set up, meaning that all videos were given recognisable names based on content and series. Then, we linked the Premium Camping channel to an Ads account, so that we could gain detailed insight into all statistics.
The first video is a general trailer targeted at as many people as possible that may possibly be interested in camping. Campaigns were then created based on a remarketing strategy. For this remarketing strategy, a choice was made to push the videos at 14-day intervals, meaning that when viewers see a video, they will be prevented from seeing this ad delivery for 14 days. In addition, a viewer was never shown the same video ad twice.

At first, a wide audience was targeted with a general Premium Camping video. This is a low-threshold video aimed at arousing the target audience’s interest in camping. It mainly targets two Affinity Audiences: Family Focused and Family Vacationers.

After the first video, the trailer, other videos from the ‘On the road with Nadine Krüger’ series were used, in which Nadine Krüger tests slides. If viewers watched the video for 30 seconds, they were targeted again after 14 days with a video that was longer (2m34s), more extensive, and contained more elaborate content than the first video.

After 14 days, a new video was shown to people who had watched at least 2 minutes and 30 seconds of the second video. In this third video, Nadine Krüger goes paragliding on Lake Garda. This video was 5m05s in length. In total, 18.3% watched the full 5m05s, which is an extremely high engagement and is, therefore, of great value to your brand.

In the end, the final video was shown at least one and a half months after the initial video. This is a video of 3m30s in which Nadine Krüger visits a *****(5) star camp ground. 32% of viewers watched the entire video, which means that they were very engaged.

The result

Everyone who watched 30 seconds of the general trailer (00m37s), was targeted for the second video about water slides (2m34s) → then for the third video about paragliding (5m05s) → and, finally, for the video about *****5 star camp grounds (3m30s).

Increased view rate:
Video 2 → 1: 46%
Video 3 → 2: 2%
Video 4 → 3: 32%
Overall increase: video 4 in relation to video 1: 85%!

This increased view rate shows that the audience’s interest in the videos increases. This means that we’ve targeted an increasingly relevant audience, i.e. our target audience within the German market.

The costs per view (CPV) decrease as the view rate increases. In this case, there was a decrease of 25%.

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