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Conversion Optimisation.

Want to generate more conversions, sales, turnover or leads through your website? It starts with CRO, or conversion rate optimisation.

CRO is a method that increases the turnover or information generated from website visitors. Visitors are encouraged to carry out a desired activity on your website. For example, purchasing from a web shop, requesting a demo, applying for a job or completing a contact form. In a CRO approach, measurements, tests, collected user data, and feedback form the basis for the implementation of site improvements.

Maxlead helps you improve your turnover in accordance with the LEAN philosophy: a continual process of small and large improvements that lead to better performance for your website.
To do this, we use different tools and knowledge, such as the set-up or redesign of your web analytics package, KPIs, reports, and analyses. All these instruments serve a higher purpose: increased conversion.

Maxlead helps your organisation move beyond measurement and reporting.