Buyer Personas.

Your potential client is a person who makes decisions based on emotion and (to a lesser extent) reason. No anonymous target group. To better understand potential clients, more and more companies are developing buyer personas. Well-defined buyer personas help to determine your online marketing strategy. What’s more, they are vital for your content marketing.

Who is your future ideal client?

  • What information is he/she looking for?
  • By what motives, ambitions and frustrations is he/she governed?
  • On what does he/she base his choice of suppliers?

Give your ideal client a face

A buyer persona is a detailed profile of a sample client based on his behaviour and objectives. Every client type has its own needs, motives, frustrations, expectations, etc. By mapping this out for your products, you learn to better differentiate between client types. You can, subsequently, respond with relevant content and improved targeting.

Developing personas together

Maxlead develops personas in close collaboration with your marketing and sales department and with other employees that are in close contact with your clients. In addition to being fun, these workshops are often great eye-openers.

Maxlead provides you with detailed personas with a name and a face. For each persona, we can then detail and implement a content plan.

  • Persona Workshop: defining and detailing buyer personas
  • Persona Check: testing detailed buyer personas based on ‘real’ clients
  • Getting started: detailing content strategy for a buyer persona

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