Online competition analysis.

Competition analysis is an important part of the SOSTAC plan. Maxlead Online Competition Analysis (MOCA) offers objective insights into the online behaviour of your competitors. This allows you to set up competitive and efficient online campaigns and strategies. MOCA uses AdGooroo, the world’s largest database of search engine marketing data. With our search expertise, our goal is to invest your marketing budget successfully, achieve a maximum return on investment, and beat the competition.

Maxlead Online Competition Analysis helps you:

  • Find out who the online competitors are in your market
  • Track paid and unpaid rankings of all competitors and your own site
  • Track competitive search words and propositions
  • Gain insight into the competition’s landing page tests
  • Estimate the competition’s budget and traffic
  • Assess the competition’s strength and strategy
  • Discover new traffic sources

One-off or structural monitoring of your competition

We combine real-time data with thorough analysis in an advisory report that helps you to better understand your competitive position and to gain more insight into the trends and strategies of your competitors. This is done on a one-off or on a structural basis, allowing you to keep an eye on your competition all year round.

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