Bing advertising.

Almost 10% of Dutch people use the Bing search engine on their desktops. In most cases, the ROI of Bing Ads is more advantageous compared to Google Ads. Bing Ads’ intensity of rivalry is lower, as are the costs per click. More than enough reason to start advertising with Bing Ads today!

  • A market share of almost 10% on desktop in the Netherlands
  • An audience with great purchasing power searches using Bing Ads
  • The cost per click is lower than Google Ads

Why advertise on Bing?

Everyone is familiar with the Google search engine, but the Bing search engine is beginning to grow in popularity among consumers and advertisers. Bing is part of Microsoft and is active as a search engine worldwide. We are seeing Bing’s market share increase every year. This search engine by Microsoft works almost in exactly the same way as Google’s search engine.

If companies or organisations don’t advertise on Bing, they are missing out on desktop, tablet, and smartphone traffic searching for information or wanting to make a direct purchase. Advertising on Bing has the following advantages:

  • Lower intensity of rivalry compared to Google
  • On average, a lower cost per click
  • A growing market share
  • Reach an audience with great purchasing power
  • In most cases, a higher ROI compared to Google
  • An additional search channel in addition to Google
  • Also advertise on Yahoo! through Bing

Our online marketing consultants will gladly set up a Bing account for you. Please contact us for a free consultation. We are eager to help you discover new opportunities and increase your turnover via Google, Bing, Yahoo!, and all other search engines.