Google Ads.

Google Ads is the tool with which campaigns are set up for search advertising for Google’s Search Network and their search partners. In terms of search, Google has a desktop market share of 90% in Europe. Bing/Yahoo is clearly on the rise for desktop. On tablets, Google search has a market share in Europe of 94% and on smartphones as much as 98%!

The Google networks

In the Ads interface, both search text ads and shopping campaigns can be managed. In addition to search advertising, campaigns for the Google Display Network, mobile campaigns (in-app and mobile web), Gmail ads, and YouTube can also be created. Management of large campaigns is often done through external tools with the Ads API or with the Ads Editor desktop software.

Costs of Google Ads

The cost of Search campaigns in Ads are (almost) always calculated on a CPC (Cost-per-Click) basis. For Display, this is CPM (Cost-per-Mille impressions) or CPC and for YouTube it is (usually) a CPV (Cost-per-view) model. Google Ads does not charge for hosting advertisements (which is called ad serving in professional jargon). The same applies to all audience data that can be used. In systems such as DoubleClick, costs are charged for both ad serving and 3rd-party data. This makes Ads very easy to use and effective in terms of performance.

Working with Google Ads

Maxlead’s online marketing consultants specialise in utilising Google Ads’ features. Maxlead manages thousands of campaigns with Ads. Do you want help using Ads? Call us!

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